Replacing your garage door is a job for a professional.

For a perfect installation, call A-Authentic Garage Door Service Co.

You can plant trees. You can grow flowers. You can sweep and clean, but if your garage door is old and ugly, it’s hurting the appearance of your home – and maybe your home’s value! A new door will give you home a new look and it will give you a safer, more secure garage and home.

Today’s garage doors come in all styles and many different materials. You can get a clean, modern look with smoked glass or you can replicate a stable door to match your traditional home. A-Authentic can show you all your options. We have a large selection of styles in all price ranges, starting at very affordable. But, that’s just the beginning. A-Authentic Garage Doors can have your replacement garage door made to order. In short, no matter what kind of garage door you want; A-Authentic will make it happen.

One of the brands carried by A-Authentic is Clopay – a leader in the field. Clopay is the only residential garage door backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and the only garage door manufacturer to offer Energy Star qualified fiberglass and steel entry doors that complement their most popular residential garage doors. It’s a combination that ties the look of your home together to give it the most pulled-together, attractive look ever!

Another brand of garage doors carried by A-Authentic for your garage door replacement is 1st United – a garage door manufactured right here in Arizona. This garage door company promotes solid environmental management practices to create environmentally conscious products with a minimal carbon footprint. The management team has more than 150 years combined experience in garage doors and they know how to make a garage door for you!

After your select your new garage door, you will want A-Authentic’s superior installation for:

After your select your new garage door, you will want A-Authentic’s superior installation for:

  • Fast, professional installation in as little as 4 hours depending on complexity of job
  • Old door take-away and all recyclable parts will be recycled
  • An appointment scheduled and kept within a one-hour window
  • Respect for you and your property — a clean work area will be the only thing left behind
  • Meticulous, precise installation for smooth, trouble-free operation
  • Complete set-up of springs, bearings, rollers, cables and opener

A-Authentic Garage Door Service can replace your old garage door.

We can help you choose the best garage door for your home:

  • Sectional Doors
  • Custom Doors

The Advantages of a New Door

Increase the value of your home

The appearance of your home is one of the key factors in its market value. An old garage door that needs to be replaced is a negative factor if you’re trying to sell. A new door will give you the curb appeal to attract buyers. If this is your forever home, you’re going to really enjoy coming home to a house that looks fabulous and the smooth-operation of a new garage door.

Make your home safer

New garage doors and new garage door openers are made to be safe. You’ll find features like enclosed springs, a photo electric eye with an automatic reverse and lights that come on automatically. Your new garage opener can even give you control of your garage door from a smart phone. It can alert you if it’s left opened – or if it’s opened during the day when it should stay closed. Talk to A-Authentic about all the new technology and decide what is right for you.

Give you added security

An opener with a rolling code keeps thieves with code detection devices out of your garage. A new garage will probably be better insulated. That protects everything you keep in your garage by reducing heat and moisture. It may even help lower your utility bills if you have an attached garage. It might even lower your insurance premiums.

If it’s time for you to replace an old, worn-out garage door, it’s time to talk to A-Authentic, one of the most respected garage door companies in Arizona. We will help you explore all of your garage door replacement options. If the time isn’t quite right, we can put your existing garage door back in great working order with our expert garage repair. The choice is yours. You can replace or you can repair, but the choice you want to make is A-Authentic Garage Doors. We are the expert garage door repair, maintenance and replacement that will give you unmatched service and an affordable price.

Call A-Authentic today. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have worked with A-Authentic. We’ve been serving Arizonans for more than 15 years. Whether you want a new garage door or expert repair for your current garage door, call today. You’ll be glad you did!



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