Use your garage for its intended purpose – pull your car in every night. Here are 6 reasons that will show you that it’s worth moving some of the stuff and making room for your car.

1. The Engine. You may have never thought that your car’s engine might benefit from being parked in the garage – after all, it’s already under the hood. However, the more consistent temperature of parking the car inside is good for the engine. It keeps the fluid and oil in a more stable condition – the car engine runs better. Your car’s engine is protected along with the car.

2. Your Visibility. It’s annoying. You get in a car and there’s that dew, frost or ice. You have to get it off so you can see where you’re going. Even in warm climates, that light coating of frost still happens and if you live where it’s cold, have an ice scrapper handy. Keep the car in the garage and you’re handled the problem.

3. Your Investment. Cars are right up there – probably the second most expensive thing you buy. When you leave it outside, you’re leaving it to chance. Will the new teenage driver visiting your kids give it a little nudge when they park behind you? Oops – the expected rainstorm started with hail — big hail. When your car is outdoors, you have to expect that sooner or later there are going to be dings and scratches from the elements and other vehicles.

4. Your Insurance. Ask! You may be surprised. Some insurance companies will give you a lower rate if they know you have a garage and you use it. You like saving money and your garage may help you!

5. Your Comfort. If you live where the temperature doesn’t stop when it hits 100 or where the mornings temperatures aren’t rising above freezing very fast, you know how uncomfortable you can be and how discouraging it is to finally feel the cold or hot air coming out of the vents right when you arrive at your destination. Your car A/C or heater will work faster if you garage your car.

6. Less Theft – and less vandalism. The one night you forgot to lock was the night that someone stole things from cars up and down your street. Or, you and your neighbors woke up to broken windshields or slashed tires. Unfortunately, those things happen – but not in your garage.

Another step in keeping your car safe in the garage is making sure the garage is safe! Have that annual maintenance from a licensed garage door repair company. Or, if you’re looking for garage door replacement in any city – make sure your dealing with a company that meets all the requirements of local regulations and is licensed, bonded and insured. That way, you keep you and your care safe!