When building a new home, you want everything to be perfect! But there are so many decisions to be made that by the time it comes to your new garage you’re ready just to let your builder run the show. You want a garage that is right for you, your vehicles and how you will use it — so don’t ignore the garage! Here are six decisions that you will want to make that will guarantee you are happy with your garage for years to come!


1. Doors: You want the garage to enhance the style of your home, but you also want it to be usable. Two things to keep in mind when deciding on the number and sizes of doors for your garage are form and functionality. If the garage door faces the street, it can account for a vast majority of your home’s curb appeal (form). Doors should be wide enough so the vehicles you drive, no matter how big, can get through with side mirrors intact (function).

2. The Driveway: You may think that this decision is determined only on your future landscaping, but the size of your vehicle comes into play here as well. A beautifully curved driveway may be great looking, but not if your super-sized truck can’t make the tight turn into the garage.

3. Exterior Doors: If you want a door that will let you easily access the garage from other areas of your property, that door should have the same security as the front door to your home. For your family’s safety, we recommend a metal door with a deadbolt. Remember that the entry from the garage into your home should meet the fire codes of your location and, like the side door, have a deadbolt.

4. Windows: Windows can make the garage look like part of the home. But, be wise. Choosing opaque windows or putting up window coverings will keep your expensive tools and toys out of sight from would-be thieves.

5. Power: How are you going to be using your garage? If you are going to run power tools, make sure that the correct power is there. More likely you’ll want a 220V outlet – think appliances or heavy-duty tools.

6. Water: This one is a no brainer. You just built your dream home, and you are going to want to keep the dirt and grime from making it’s way inside. A sink (especially one with hot water) will ensure that your house not only stays cleaner but looks newer longer.

There are so many new and exciting options when it comes to garage door openers! Be sure to visit a licensed garage door dealer and find the door that’s exactly right for you. They can show you all the latest garage door technology, including connectivity in your new garage door opener so you can control and monitor the door from anywhere with a smartphone. Now that you have thought through the basics have fun making your garage a beautiful, useful part of your new home.