Not sure if you should try to get the garage door fixed or shop for a new one? Here is a brief guide with 3 replacement and 3 repair problems that can help you make the right decision. After determining if you are in need of service or new garage door parts call a licensed, reputable garage door repair and replacement company to help you with your garage door needs.

1. Sudden Breakdown — Repair. When the garage door quits all of a sudden – it worked last night, but not this morning — believe it or not, it’s probably a problem you can fix. A sudden breakdown is usually an isolated problem that can be identified and fixed. One word or warning – be sure to check the batteries before you call for repair. If it turns out you just need replace them, you’re going to be embarrassed.

2. It just hasn’t been Working Right — Replace. This is the opposite of the sudden breakdown. You’re likely to need a new garage door. If the door has been working but not working right and you’ve continued to use it, the odds aren’t in your favor. All those ups and downs have probably caused damage that can’t be fixed. The moral to the story – call for repair while the problem is a small one.

3. At the Halfway Point, One Side is Lower – Repair. Think of the tires on your car – they need to be balanced to wear evenly. The same is true of the garage door. If it’s sagging to one side, it is probably out of balance. Call for repair and don’t let it get worse. Rebalancing your door is a repair – not a replacement. Get the balance repaired so the door operates properly and isn’t putting uneven stress on the motor or springs. Correct it before the problem grows.

4. Your Door Lacks Safety Features — Replace. That means it’s old. Auto-reverse has been mandated since the early 90s. The door should stop closing and go back up if it hits an object or when something breaks the beam between the two sensors. It’s a feature that saves lives. Always test auto reverse with a roll of paper towels. They are like the soft body of a small child or a pet. Test the sensors by putting a broom handle between them and breaking the beam. Don’t do without these important safety features – including a rolling code to stop thieves. It’s time to replace and you get a bonus – that new door will give your home a facelift, too.

5. A Panel is Damaged — Repair. If it’s a single panel, your garage repair company can probably order a single panel and replace the damage. If it’s a scratch, don’t let it start to rust. Ditto, for a dent. Take care of it and save yourself the cost of replacement.

6. The Damage to the Garage Door is more Extensive. It could have been caused by a bad storm or it could be that a driver just didn’t stop in time – or wait long enough for the door to open. If the damage extends beyond a single panel, be safe, not sorry. A damaged door can’t operate properly and will eventually cause more damage and safety issues.

Your garage door should get yearly maintenance by a garage door company. Find a licensed garage door company with a good track record. Book yearly maintenance and establish a relationship that will pay off by giving you the good advice you need when it comes time to decide whether to repair or replace.


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