Replacing your garage door can seem like a major remodeling project that you should put off until it’s absolutely necessary, but it’s not. Replacing the door or doors on your garage is a rather simple project that can benefit you as a homeowner in multiple different ways. 

In case you’re wondering what replacing your garage door can do for you, let’s break down the value to be had from doing so.

The Benefits of Updating the Doors on Your Garage

For starters, replacing old doors with new custom garage doors comes with a boost in curb appeal. This will raise your property enough that you’re actually expected to recoup almost  95% of your initial investment. 

A new, well-insulated garage door will also improve your energy efficiency and lower your energy bill, especially if you spend a lot of time in your garage. You can also opt for a door with a keypad and/or additional security features that make it much harder to break in. 

Seeing as how you’re able to recoup most of the new garage door cost, you should never hesitate to replace yours if it’s showing any signs of wear. 

When is it Time to Make the Switch?

It’s time to replace your garage door if it’s no longer closing all the way or is difficult to close. Also, if it has dents and visible damage, broken or missing wires, broken or missing handles, or is poorly insulated. 

You should also switch to a door with better security if all you have is a simple lock and key to keep yours closed. A keypad and/or a garage door opener are much better options for keeping yourself, your family, and your possessions safe.